Allow Priority Or Category on individual shows

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Allow Priority Or Category on individual shows

Postby PFTKev » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:14 pm

Since the SABNZBD api supports priorities, I would like the ability to either individually change a shows priority or category so I can set a different priority within SAB. Doing this would allow multi-user households to give higher priority to shows that everyone watches and lower priority to shows that are only watched by one or two people.


There is a husband and wife with 2 children. They download multiple shows each week to watch. The whole family enjoys watching The simpsons, the Husband and Wife watch the Walking dead, the children both watch Young Justice, and the Husband watches The Colbert Report. The following priorities could be set:

The Simpsons- High
Walking Dead- Normal
Young Justice-Normal
The Colbert Report- Low

This would allow you to prioritize shows based on how many family member watch a show or whatever criteria you choose.
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